Save up to 70% at My Publisher!

My favorite printing company, My Publisher is having a huge sale! It's a perfect time to order some photo books of our Europe trip :) I highly recommend this because the quality of he paper and printing is really nice!


My Publisher on SALE!

My Publisher is having a sale! Their photo books has the highest quality so far :) I've tried the other printing companies but no one has the same quality as the My Publisher has. I usually order the Deluxe, the paper is thick and the printing is clear. I highly recommend My Publisher for you printing needs :) And now they are on sale. I'm telling you it's worth it, check their website :)

That's it for now, I have to look for bar clamps for my backdrop. I've been looking for an affordable one since last week :)

Have a nice week ahead!


Take Me To Santorini :)

We will be here..... someday :)
photo from http://www.tourist-destinations.com/2011/06/greece.html


Feng Shui

Sharing some of the Feng Shui chart guide that I'm following :) I'm a big follower of Feng Shui :)
Your Best Compass Directions
My Kua number is 2 , so the best direction for Money and Career would be northeast, west for good health, northwest for marriage and family harmony while southwest for wisdom and education. Currently, our headboard is facing west it falls for good health :) As much as I want to move it to northeast I can't. I'm not comfortable to move our headboard for it's current location :)